Sorrowtide (Twelve O’Clock)

Home is where we start from
The sea is where we start from
No matter what walls…
No matter what words we meet
We always go back to those rocks of childhood…
Black, crimson, and white.
I guess we are trapped
Or shaped…
Built from childish mud.

Crashing waves were our first words
Thick dark 
Like open doors
Embracing our senses with the ever changing foam.
I guess waves are shapeless to signify all
And say nothing
Change nothing!
We change
We leave
Pretend to forget…
But the sea remains still
Hollow black
Full black
Savagely still.

And now after all these winds
I hear your voice calling out from the sand.
I dream of dancing forms I know not.
Do I dare?…
“Emerald”—I whisper, dreaming your hair by the sorrowtide.
“Evergreen”—you answer ,“Where are you gone?
You promised!”

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