The Cocktail Party (Six O’Clock)

VOICE 1: Six o’clock in the evening. Fumes rise from the London gutters as if the Fires of Hell had been unleashed. Crowds of men-like worms crawl through Heathrow alleys, clashing… cursing their fate!

A boy attacks his shadow with a wooden saber under a lamplight unaware of thy Kingdom Come. Damn it! At my back I feel…


And Fear!
Suffocating heat.

Stephen opens the window and starry whispers: breathe

BUCK: Champagne?

MIGUEL: No thanks.

(aside) Indulgence. Atonement…

BUCK: You should definitely have some champagne, chap. I’m telling ya, these parties can be awfully lousy when you’re sober. All the noise, the smoke, the senseless chitchat and… Anyway! Lets not lose our focus, right? I must introduce you to some girls; that’s what we are here for after all… Ladies: Beautiful, classy ladies. Yes! that’s my job: Buck lady-finder.

All right! Let’s see who’s here… Ha! See that girl smiling over there?

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The Copper Cauldron (Eight O’Clock)


VOICE 1: Eight O’clock. (One to the final stroke.) Fumes rise from the sorceress’ cauldron as ravished Medea passionately stirs wasted love with desires unlawful and unfulfilled. A myriad witches hover around the room talking indistinctly. Muses are nowhere to be found.

VOICE 2: A cup of simple wine (preferably Spanish).
A bucket of blood vainly spilt,
seasoned with original unsullied pain
from days of old
when magic
the air.

MEDEA: A whole bucket? Really…?

LADY MACBETH: Cannot complain there, you’ve got plenty of that…

MEDEA: Indeed my dear. Indeed. I don’t complain about my lot as others love to do… But was there magic in your days? Hmmm… Cannot seem to remember…
Must be getting old!

LADY MACBETH (aside): Is this what life is made of?

MEDEA (gets her glasses from a table): Lets see… What else do we need? Yes, here!
Tears of a unicorn…
Some hippogriff hair…
Seriously! Who writes these recipes? How in God’s name am I supposed to get hippogriff hair?
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The Embankment

hulmeI’ve been carefully reading The Rule of Metaphor of Paul Ricoeur during the last weeks. It is a fascinating book, though at times a little repetitive. Yet, I don’t want to write about it here… but about a very striking discussion on the self-referentiality of poetry that really surprised me. Ricoeur discusses Jakobson’s poetic function together with some ideas of Genette, like the following paragraph:

the sole function of every figure is to hint, in its particular way, at the poetic quality of discourse that contains it (…). In the emblem that the classical ‘sail of the ship’ has become for us, we can read at once both ‘This is a ship’ and ‘Look: poetry!’ (172). Continue reading “The Embankment”